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About Us

We are a leading seller of lab and medical supplies, disposable testing products, and medical plastic devices. We offer FDA approved products for Covid-19 testing amd have the capacity to handle high volumes. Our Covid-19 products include Disposable Sterile Swabs (Viral Sampling Swabs), Nasopharyngeal Swabs and Throat Swabs, Universal Transport Medium Kit, Saliva Collection Kits, and Face Shields. Our products are made by high tech precision machines operated by a veteran team of mold making and manufacturing professionals.
Pacific Bio Supply
Our sales and support teams provide fast service and reliable deliveries. We are interested in every detail of our products and take pride in satisfying our customer’s special requirements. Our goal is to become the leading seller of medical and lab supplies in North America.

We offer over 300 items in the following Product Groups

· Covid 19 Related Products

· PCR Testing

· Vacuum Blood collection tube

· Cell Culture Series

· Stool &Specimen Container

· Petri Dish

· Centrifuge Tube & Cryovial Tube

Vaginal applicator

· Swabs


· Transfer Pipette

· Test Tube

· Cultural Plate

· Tube Rack

· Multifunctional Container

· Colorimetric Cup
· Sharp Container

· Nursing Plastic Ware

· Pipette Tip