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25cm2 Cell Culture Flask Non-Treated

Product Highlights

Purpose: The flask with treated surface is suitable for adherent cell culture, and those with non-treated surface are suitable for suspension cell culture.


Flask: PS (USP Class Ⅵ)

Cap: PE (Good sealing performance)

Membrane: 0.2µm Hydrophobic (Only use for Vent Cap)


Specification of 25cm2 Cell Culture Flask Non-Treated

Cat. No. Specification Cap type Growth Area/cm2 Working Volume/ml Pcs/Pack Pcs/Case TC treated
N111051031S 25 Seal Cap 25 / 10 200 No
N111051032S 25 Filter Cap 25 / 10 200 No

Key Features and Advantages of 25cm2 Cell Culture Flask Non-Treated

  • Canted neck styles.
  • Graduation on both sides.
  • Has a frosted writing area.
  • Sterilized by gamma irradiation.
  • Certified nonpyrogenic.
  • Shelf life: 3 years
  • Designed with a mouth that gives easy access to entire growth surface.
  • The cap well matches the bottom to keep stacked flask stable for best use of incubator space.
  • Improved adhesion and cell proliferation.
  • Improved growth of primary cells.


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