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8-Strip tubes for PCR 0.2ml transparent with cap

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Item No Specification Quantity(pcs) Measurement(cm)
D1028 8-Strip tubes for PCR 0.1ml  milk white with cap 1250 47*30*14.5cm
D1029 8-Strip tubes for PCR 0.2ml  transparent with cap 1250 47*30*14.5cm


Material: Medical grade high permeability polypropylene (PP).

Ultra-thin walls for rapid temperature conduction; transparenttubes for easy sample observation.

Convex lid design, tight fitting, effectively preventing samplevolatilization loss; flat lid design, suitable for real-time quantitative PCR experiments;

Distinctive lid extension inner seal and lid body sealingdesign, effectively avoiding the bursting lid issue.

No RNase, no DNase, no endotoxin.

Working Temperature: -20C~100C

Applicable to conventional brand PCR instruments,withstanding fully supported rotor centrifugal force: 6,000G.


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