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95KPA Compliant Specimen Container

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Item No Description of goods Cap Size         H*W(mm) Container Size


Packing        Specification
GD3510 20ml Containerwith 35mmCap 14.48*39.3 40.15*32.3 1000EA/Case
GD4815 40ml Containerwith48mmCap 14.25*52 40.7*44.9 500EA/Case
GD4825 60ml Containerwith48mmCap 14.25*52 59*45 500EA/Case
GD4834 90mlContainerwith48mmCap 14.25*52 74*45 400


GD4833 90ml Containerwith53mmCap 14.25*59.25 62.8*53 300


GD5343 120ml Containerwith53mmCap 14.25*59.25 78.45*53 300



1.Product Usage: Product is specifically designed for the safe,secure collection and transportation of biological specimens for laboratory evaluation.


1) A simple turn of the closure will give userassurance that the seal is complete with a “click sound” and the second “click” ensures 95 kPa compliance and maximum leak-resistance for both pneumatic systemsand transportation by air.

2) Wide mouth design(35mm) (48mm) (53mm) are diversified & convenient for patient use.

3) Available in Five convenient sizes (20ml,40ml,60mL, 90mL and 120mL) both sterile and non-sterile options.

4) FDA compliant and prime virgin medical grade resins (closure is HDPE and container is Polypropylene).

5) The container featuresaccurate, easy-to-read, molded-in graduations on two sides. Top and bottom ribbed etchings ease the opening and closing process when wearing examination gloves.

3. Material:Cap PP Container HDPE

Sterilization Method: EO or EB Sterilization: Meet the requirements of10-6 SAL (ISO11135 & ISO11137)

Certification:ISO1345, ISO14001, FDA

Shelf Life:2 years


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