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Blood Collection Glucose Tubes/Oxalate(Vacuum blood collection tube)

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Item NO Specification Quantity(pcs) Measurement(cm)
GD020SFH gray cap,sodium fluoride+heparin sodium 13*75mm,2ml 1200 45*36*19
GD030SFH gray cap,sodium fluoride+heparin sodium 13*75mm,3ml 1200 45*36*19
GD050SFH gray cap,sodium fluoride+heparin sodium 13*75mm,5ml 1200 45*36*19
GD020SNA gray cap,sodium fluoride+EDTA Na2, 13*75mm,2ml 1200 45*36*19
GD030SNA gray cap,sodium fluoride+EDTA Na2, 13*75mm,3ml 1200 45*36*19
GD050SNA gray cap,sodium fluoride+EDTA Na2, 13*75mm,5ml 1200 45*36*19
GD020SP gray cap,sodium fluoride+potassium oxalate, 13*75mm,2ml 1200 45*36*19
GD030SP gray cap,sodium fluoride+potassium oxalate, 13*75mm,3ml 1200 45*36*19
GD050SP gray cap,sodium fluoride+potassium oxalate, 13*75mm,5ml 1200 45*36*19


Category: plasma blood collection tube

Additive: Sodium Fluoride and Anticoagulant

Materials: PET (plastic) or glass

Tube dimensions: 13 x 75mm

Volumes: 1 to 5mL

Packing:100 pieces/rack and 12 racks/carton

Cap stopper: grey cap/plastic safety/rubber stopper

Gongdong medical is a professional manufacturer of vacuum blood collection tube.

GD Vacuum Blood Collection System include:

Vacuum blood collection tube:

1.Vacuum blood collection tube:

a.Serum blood collection tube (Red Plain Tube, Red Pro-coagulation Tube, Yellow Gel & Clot Activator Tube)

b.Plasma blood collection tube (Blue PT tube, Double wall PT tube, Green Heparin Tube, Green Gel & Heparin Tube, Grey Glucose tube, Lavender Gel & EDTA Tube)

c.Whole blood collection tube(Lavender EDTA Tube, Black ESR Tube,120*8mm ESR tube and ESR rack)

2.Micro Blood collection tube, Capillary blood collection tube, Non-vacuum blood collection tube

3.Multi sample needle, Butterfly needle

4.Normal tube holder, Tube holder with safety cover

5.Sharp container, Transfer-store box for vacuum blood collection tube.


Vacuum Blood Collection tube Compound of Sodium Fluoride and Anticoagulant Tube with Grey Cap and 1 to 5mL Volumes, Glass or Plastic

Compound of Sodium Fluoride and Anticoagulant Tube aims to obtain highly stable plasma for blood glucose testing.Sodium Fluoride is a kind of inhibitor of glucose degradation,it has the function of repressing glucose metabolism and degradation.Optional Anticoagulant are potassium Oxalate,EDTA and Heparin,they could prevent blood coagulation and avoid blood hemolysis.This particular compound additive realise that blood glucose specimen could be cold storage for a long time.


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