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C1006 C1007 C1008 C1009 C1010 Japan(30*70)haematimeter Series

Product Highlights

Item No. Specification Quantity(Pcs) Measurement(cm)
C1006 AC900(22×45) 2100 56×33×30
C1007 CA490(22×60) 10000 54×35×38
C1008 Japan F800(30×70)haematimeter Series 7500 56×33×30
C1009 Japan F800(30×60)haematimeter Series 6000 48×32×32
C1010 Mairui(30×50) 10000 54×35×38




Our sample cups are made of imported hard rubber material with transparency,smooth and clean on the surface,the sample cup is applicable to assorted biochemical and hematocyte analyzers.We also can develop new mould or provide OEM & ODM cooperation with clients.



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