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Cell Culture Flasks

Product Highlights

Item No Cover type Cell culture area Capacity Packing
K1060 Membrane filter cover/Seal cover 25cm² 7ml 5pcs/bag,40bags/carton
K1061 Membrane filter cover/Seal cover 75cm² 25ml 5pcs/bag,20bags/carton
K1062 Membrane filter cover/Seal cover 175cm² 50ml 5pcs/bag,8bags/carton


  1. Medical grade polystyrene material, high transparency
  2. Three kinds of cell culture areas: 25 cm², 75 cm² and 175 cm²; Sealing cover and membrane cover two types of cover
  3. The membrane cover is designed to facilitate the exchange of air and prevent pollution effectively
  4. Short and wide neck for easy access of pipette and cell spatula
  5.  E-beam  sterile, TC treatment, No pyrogen, no cytotoxin, DNase-free, RNase-free


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