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China HUIDA Positively Charged Microscope Slides Manufacturer

Product Highlights

*Positively charged microscope slides *Marking area:Frosted one end, one side *Material:super white glass *Thickness: 1.0-1.2mm,1.0mm. Other thickness is also available * Tissue paper: without tissue paper *Color: white, blue, pink, yellow, green and orange,Other color is also available *Dimensions: 25.4 x 76.2mm(1” x 3”); 25 x 75mm, 26 x 76mm,Other size is also available


*HUIDA Positively charged microscope slide Positively charged surfaces firmly attach tissue sections during immunohistochemistry.


Code no. Colors Edges Corner Dimension Thickness Packaging
HDAS001A-W White Ground edges 90°
HDAS001A-O Orange Ground edges
HDAS001A-G Green Ground edges
HDAS001A-P Pink Ground edges
HDAS001A-B Blue Ground edges
HDAS001A-Y Yellow Ground edges


These Color-Frosted(+) glass slides place a permanent positive charge in the microscope slide.
1, They electrostatically attract frozen tissue sections and cytology preparations, binding them to the slide.
2,They form a bridge so that covalent bonds develop between formalin fixed sections and the glass.
3, Tissue sections and cytological preparations adhere better to the Plus glass slides without the need for special adhesives or protein coatings.

Standard Package

1, 50pcs/box, 50boxes/ctn, 45*24*16cm,G.W./N.W.:15/14kg

2, 72pcs/box, 20boxes/ctn, 22*22*18cm,G.W./N.W.:8/7kg

The package can be adjusted according to customers’ requirements.


CE, FDA registered

ISO13485, ISO9001

We will support you to do registration if your MOH requests.


Information for user

1,Store in dry place.

2,Recommended for single use only.


1,Suitable for marking with inkjet and laser printers and permanent markers

2,Recommended for routine H&E stains, IHC, ISH, frozen sections.Cytology smear



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