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Cryo vial 0.5ml concial Polypropylene Internal Thread With a silicone gasket, Sterile

Product Highlights

Item No Specification Quantity(pcs) Measurement(cm)
D3027 Cryo vial 0.5ml concial bottom 5000 48*32*32
D3028 Cryo vial 1.5ml concial 5000 48*32*32
D3029 Cryo vial 2ml concial 5000 48*32*32


Material: PP

Package: 500pcs*10bags

 Product advantages:

1)Cryotube with external screw cap is designed for freezing samples,The external screw cap design can reduce the contamination probability during sample treatment.

2)Cryotube with internal screw cap is for freezing samples in gas situation of liquid nitrogen. The silicone gel o-ring can enhance the sealing performance of the tube.

3)The caps and tubes are all made of PP material with same batch and mode. Thus same dilatation coefficient can ensure the tube sealing performance under any temperature.

4)Transparent tube for easy observation.

5)Round bottom design is good for pouring liquids out with little residual.

Material: Medical grade high permeability polypropylene(PP)

Structure: lt is designed with thread and seal ring to ensure the sealing requirement of high and low temperature.Temperature Tolerance Range: -20C to 100℃ , suitable for -196C liquid nitrogen freezing under static condition.

Specification: 0.5ml,1.0ml,1.5ml, 2.0ml

Sterilization Method:Electron beam sterilization, ethylene oxide sterilization and non-sterilization are available.



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