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Disposable Serological Pipette 1ml,2ml,5ml,10ml,25ml,50ml

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Item NpSpecificationQuantity(pcs)Measurement(cm)GD0101-IDisposable Serological Pipette 1ml,Yellow400070*41.5*53GD0201-IDisposable Serological Pipette 2ml,Green320070*41.5*53GD0501-IDisposable Serological Pipette 5ml,Blue180063.5*41.5*49.5GD1001-IDisposable Serological Pipette 10ml,Orange120063.5*41.5*40GD2501-IDisposable Serological Pipette 25ml,Red80063.5*41.5*53GD5001-IDisposable Serological Pipette 50ml,Purple60063.5*41.5*49.5



GongDong disposable serological pipette is manufactures with exclusively high-grade polystyrene(GPPS) which are excellent for clear observation and reducing liquid attachment on the pipet surface to assure accurate delivery.Furthermore,the universaldesign make the pipets are suitable for most brand of pipete-aid.All the features guarantee them can be safely used in cell and tissue culture,bacteriological,and clinical research.According to different needs,we can supply six different sizes:1,2,5,10,25,50ml.Graduations are calibrated for accurate dispensing to within ±2%。

Features:1.Clear and bidirectional graduations on the pipets,negative graduation allows additional working volume.

2.Color-coded packaging for ease in sorting and selecting the correct size.

3.All pipets are supplied with a filter plug to help prevent overfill.

4.Available in gamma sterilized or non-sterilized,and certified non-pyrogenic.

5.1,2,5,10,25ml pipettes are all stretched,to enhance the accuracy.

6.Provide mini pipettes.



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