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E1020-1D1250 Universal tips with filter for dispensers 1000-1250 μl

Product Highlights

Item NO Specification Quantity(pcs) Measurement(cm)
E1010-1D Universal tips with filter for dispensers 10 μl 4800 49*28*33.9cm
E1021-1D100 Universal tips with filter for dispensers 100μl 4800 47*26*33.8cm
E1021-1D Universal tips with filter for dispensers 200 μl 4800 47*26*33.8cm
E1020-1D Universal tips with filter for dispensers 1000 μl 4800 51*27.5*56.4cm
E1020-1D1250 Universal tips with filter for dispensers 1250 μl 4800 51*27.5*56.4cm


lt is made of medical grade polypropylene(PP).

The hydrophobic filter element avoids cross-contamination of aerosols and liquids, and the lowadsorbent sucker is applicable to viscous liquids and liquids with small surface tension, whichsignificantly reduces the liquid residue on the tube wall and can be directly applied to genetic testingto ensure accurate experimental research results.

Specification : 10ul 100ul 200ul 1000ul 1250ul


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