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G1022 13*150mm Test Tube With Swab

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Specification of Test Tube With Swab

Item Description of Goods Quantity (pcs) Packing
G1022 13*150mm, tube with Swab 1800 150pcs*12bags
G1023 12*75mm, tube with Swab 2000
G1028 disposable transport sample box

What is swab stick used for?

There are different types of sample or specimen collection swabs used clinically depending on the patients and purposes, including from the mouth, nose, throat, and so on where a collection swab may be deemed appropriate per application.

Its tip is made of traditional cotton or flocked and shaft made of wood or plastic

It may contain media for storage and transport or not as:

Agar media swabs(CARY BLAIR, STUART SWABS, AMIES with or without charcoal powder or MEDIA FOR CHLAMYDIA.)

Dry swabs

Flocked swabs

Liquid media swabs

It’s with or without a break point on the shaft and different length of break point for different patients.

The collection swabs may be sterile to avoid any potential contamination and ready for transport or storage.


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