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Glass Slide For Microscope

Product Highlights

Our microscope slides materials are : soda lime glass and super white glass;
Our microscope slides edge are:groud edges,cut edges and beveled edges;
Our microscope slides corner are :90° and 45°;
Our microscope slides thickness are :1.0mm and 1.1mm.
customers can customize according to their needs.


Plain Microscope Slides

Code no. Edges Corner Material Dimension
7101 Groud edges 90°,45° soda lime glass 76*26mm,1″*3″mm,25*75mm
7102 Cut edges 90°
HDAS016–1 Beveled edges 45°
7101A Groud edges 90°,45° super white glass
7102A Cut edges 90°
HDAS016-1A Beveled edges 45°


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