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H1018 Multi-function tube rack (blue and orange colour)

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H1018 Multi-Function Rack(Blue And Orange) 50 61×41×41

Made of high impact polystyrene

This special 50-place rack will hold your 12 x 75 mm and 13 x 100 mm tubes securely in place thanks to silicone tabs surrounding the base of each tube while in the rack. This makes it very convenient to empty tube content before discarding them. Also great for holding tubes in rack securely in place when in a water bath. Each position is alpha numerically identified. Units can be anchored laterally to one another, thanks to two screws supplied with each rack.



12*60mm tube,12*75mm tube,13*75mm tube,13*100mm tube,15*100mm tube,15*150mm tube,10ml centrifugation tube,15ml centrifugation tube.

The rack is 50 wells in the lower board with a sulicon gel gasket,to fix the tube bottom,and to avoid tubes wobble in the rack.

By the connecting holes in the lower board, can from 100 well,150 well 200well tube racks.


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