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H1021Labeled Urine Specimen container ,urine cap with cap,30ml,60ml,90ml,100ml,140ml

Product Highlights

Item No Specification Quantity(pcs) Measurement(cm)
H1021 Specimen Container 140ml 500 53*47*60



1. Individual pack:Packed sputum container in PE bag in standard carton 1pc*500pcs

2. bulk pack 500pcs/carton

3. According to buyer’s requirements

H1021  Specimen urine Container 140ml cap:PE tube:PP

Gongdong urine specimen container/cups are widely used for specimen collection and transportation among drug and urine testing facilities due to the high quality and user friendly design. Markings on the surface of a clear sterile cup allow for measurement in both U.S. ounces and millimeters for universal application. In addition to providing a secure and convenient specimen collection container, these cups are also outfitted with a space for documenting the date, name, doctor, time, and room number for accurate tracking.

Urine specimen collection is an essential component of medical testing. Because accurate data collection and sample integrity are of the utmost importance, Gongdong urine specimen cups provide a durable, spill-proof solution for sample collection. Equally as important, the leak-free design also ensures that urine and stool will be contained within the cup reducing contamination risk to patients and medical personnel.


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