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K1018-1 Disposable 20ml sputum container PS material

Product Highlights

Item No. Specification Quantity(Pcs) Measurement (cm)
K1018-1 20ml Sputum Container 1500 42.5×38×42.5



  1. Our products has high quality, low price;
  2.  It has good sealing property, no leakage;
  3. There will be no pollution;
  4. We can supply label if you have the requirement;
  5.  If you have some special application,we can customize for you.

The sputum container was of various style, volume and color design, suitable for different specimen collection and test request. Barcode customized, EO sterilized. High tightness efficiently prevents specimen leakage and pollution, convenient for storage and transportation. Besides, patients and medical staff won’t contact with the specimen, safe and reliable.

Our 20ml urine container was made of high quality PP or PS material. Unique design can help patients and doctors easier to test the specimen.


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