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K1023,K1024 mucus trap 40cc

Product Highlights

Item No. Specification Quantity(Pcs) Measurement(cm)
K1023 Mucus Trap,40CC 50 40×27×20
K1024 Mucus Trap,80CC 50 40×27×20



  1. Mucus specimen trap,with this collect a mucus specimen easily and efficiently using any suction pump or device.
  2. Mucus Trap with Additional Cap and Adapter, 40ccand 80cc Capacity.
  3. The trap consists of a transparent plastic container with gradations clearly marked, a disposable adapter that prevents contamination from a non sterile suction tube and a screw-on cap to help maintain a sterile pouring surface. With a frosted write area on body that patient information can be recorded right on the bottle.
  4. Individual packing,50pcs/ctn



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