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K1028,K1029,K1030,K1031 Buck ear curettes 147cm

Product Highlights

Item NO Specification Quantity Measurement
K1028 white  ear curettes147.5mm long 1600 49*33*33
K1029 green ear curettes145.2mm long 1600 49*33*33
K1030 pink ear curettes146.4mm long 1600 49*33*33
K1031 gray ear curettes148mm long 1600 49*33*33
K1091 blue ear curettes 1600 49*33*33



K1028 white  ear curettes147.5mm long

K1029 green ear curettes145.2mm long

K1030 pink ear curettes146.4mm long

K1031 gray ear curettes148mm long


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