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Laboratory test tube rack centrifuge tube rack for 50ml centrifuge tubes

Product Highlights

Item No. Specification Quantity(Pcs) Measurement(cm)
D1001R-BB centrifugation tube   50ml  conical ,black graduation  PP 500 62*35*42cm
D1001R-BW centrifugation tube   50ml  conical ,white graduation PP 500 62*35*42cm
D1003R-BB centrifugation tube   15ml  conical ,black graduation  PP 500 42*35*28cm
D1003R-BW centrifugation tube   15ml  conical ,white graduation PP 500 42*35*28cm
D1003-PS centrifugation tube 15ml conical with graduation   PS 1,000 57*27*27cm


Packaging Details

1. packed package: 50pcs*10bags=500pcs/carton

2. racked package: 25pcs*20racks=500pcs/carton

3. According to buyer’s requirements

50ml centrifuge tube
Material: PP Volume: 50ml
Bottom structure: Conical Cap structure: Screw
Cap diameter: 35mm Cap color: blue
Tube Dim.: 115mm*28mm Usage: Centrifugation


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