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Meiosis Prepared Microscope Slide

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Meiosis prepared microscope slide dimension is 76*26mm,1″*3″mm and 25*75mm Thickness is 1.0mm,1.1mm Packing is 50pcs/box,72pcs/box


Meiosis prepared microscope slide HDAS002

Dimension Thickness Packing
76*26mm,1″*3″mm,25*75mm 1.0mm,1.1mm 50pcs/box,72pcs/box
Code no. Colors Edges Corner
HDAS002-W White Groud edges 90°,45°
HDAS002-O Orange Groud edges 90°,45°
HDAS002-G Green Groud edges 90°,45°
HDAS002-P Pink Groud edges 90°,45°
HDAS002-B Blue Groud edges 90°,45°
HDAS002-Y Yellow Groud edges 90°,45°
HDAS002A-W White Groud edges 90°,45°
HDAS002A-O Orange Groud edges 90°,45°
HDAS002A-G Green Groud edges 90°,45°
HDAS002A-P Pink Groud edges 90°,45°
HDAS002A-B Blue Groud edges 90°,45°
HDAS002A-Y Yellow Groud edges 90°,45°

The little knowledge slice

A section is a glass slide made from a thin slice cut from an organism.

Due to different requirements, the tissue can be sliced by hand with a blade, or the tissue can be embedded in paraffin or collodion or frozen at low temperature and sliced with a slicer. Cut into 5 ~ 10 micron slices for optical microscope observation. The ultrathin sections with the thickness of 20 ~ 50 nm were cut by epoxy resin or methacrylic acid embedded tissue blocks and observed under electron microscope. General teaching with such as root tip, stem section commonly known as paraffin section.


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