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Micro Collection Tube,0.5ml

Product Highlights

Item No Specification Quantity(pcs) Measurement(cm)
GD005A Micro Collection Tube,Plain,    0.5ml 1000 33*20*29.5
GD005CA Micro Collection Tube,Clot Activator,0.5ml 1000 33*20*29.5
GD005EK3 Micro Collection Tube,EDTA K30.5ml 1000 33*20*29.5
GD005EK2 Micro Collection Tube,EDTA K20.5ml 1000 33*20*29.5
GD005LH Micro Collection Tube,Heparin Lithium,0.5ml 1000 33*20*29.5
GD005SH Micro Collection Tube,Heparin Sodium,0.5ml 1000 33*20*29.5
GD005SFH Micro Collection Tube,Heparin Sodium+Sodium Fluoride ,  0.5ml 1000 33*20*29.5
GD005SGC Micro Collection Tube,Gel+Clot Activator,0.5ml 1000 33*20*29.5


Micro Collection tube is mainly used for peripheral blood collection. It is specially suitable for small children and geriatric patient. The inner surface has an excellent hemorepellency  where it is necessary for a good preparation of high quality blood sample.


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