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Micro Collection Tube(High Type) EDTA K3,0.5ml

Product Highlights

Item No Specification Quantity(pcs) Measurement(cm)
GDNM005A Micro Collection Tube(High Type) ,plain,0.5ml 1200 45*36*19cm
GDNM005CA Micro Collection Tube(High Type) ,Clot activator,0.5ml 1200 45*36*19cm
GDNM005EK3 Micro Collection Tube(High Type) ,EDTA K3,0.5ml 1200 45*36*19cm
GDNM005EK2 Micro Collection Tube(High Type) ,EDTA K2,0.5ml 1200 45*36*19cm
GDNM005LH Micro Collection Tube(High Type) ,Heparin Lithium,0.5ml 1200 45*36*19cm
GDNM005SGC Micro Collection Tube(High Type) ,Gel+Clot activator,0.5ml 1200 45*36*19cm
GDNM005SFH Micro Collection Tube(High Type) ,Glucose(Heparin  sodium/sodium Fluoride),0.5ml 1200 45*36*19cm


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