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Microscope Frosted End Slides

Product Highlights

Huida’s frosted Microscope slides are produced from high quality sheet glass for greater cost-effectiveness.Chemically etched on 1 end, 2 sides. This provides silky frosted marking area which is easy to write on. Markings will not rub off or wash off in normal procedures


A glass slide is a glass or quartz slide used to put things when observing things under a microscope. When making a sample, a cell or tissue section is placed on the slide and a cover glass is placed on it for observation.In optics, a thin sheet of glass-like material used to produce phase differences.

Material: glass slide is placed when the experiment is used to test the material of glass, was rectangular, size of 76 * 26 mm, 76 * 26 mm, 1 * 3 mm, 25 * 75 mm, thickness is 1.0 mm, 1.1 mm


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