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Microscope Slides 7107

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Microscope slides lab dimension is 76*26mm,1″*3″mm and 25*75mm Thickness is 1.0mm,1.1mm Packing is 50pcs/box,72pcs/box


Microscope slides lab

Dimension Thickness Packing
76*26mm,1″*3″mm,25*75mm 1.0mm,1.1mm 50pcs/box,72pcs/box
Double frosted
Code no. Edges Corner Material
7107 Groud edges 90°,45° soda lime glass
7107–1 Cut edges 90°
HDAS016-7 Beveled edges 45°
7107A Groud edges 90°,45° super white glass
7107–1A Cut edges 90°
HDAS016-7A Beveled edges 45°

The little knowledge

How do I clean the adhesive slides

The cleaning method of glass containers

(1) The main production and manufacturing of cleaning liquid: 200mg potassium dichromate, 100ml water, 100ml sulfuric acid (industrial grade).

Dissolve potassium dichromate in water first, then add sulfuric acid to potassium dichromate solution drop by drop, do not make the hydrochloric acid splash. After selecting the seeds, they are placed in a glassware with a laminated glass stopper to prevent oxidation. The lotion can be reused many times until it turns dark blue.

(2) Put the glass container to be washed in boiling water for 0.5h.

(3) then rinse with clean water and put it into the drying box to air dry (or dry naturally).

(4) After drying, immerse in lotion for about 10min

(5) air dry (or air dry) after being cleaned in the water.

(6) put in the antifouling place storage reserved.


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