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Microscope Slides For Sales

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microscope slides for sales dimension is 76*26mm,1″*3″mm and 25*75mm Thickness is 1.0mm,1.1mm Packing is 50pcs/box,72pcs/box


Microscope slides for sales

Dimension Thickness Packing
76*26mm,1″*3″mm,25*75mm 1.0mm,1.1mm 50pcs/box,72pcs/box
Single frosted
Code no. Edges Corner Material
7105 Groud edges 90°,45° soda lime glass
7105–1 Cut edges 90°
HDAS016-5 Beveled edges 45°
7105A Groud edges 90°,45° super white glass
7105–1A Cut edges 90°
HDAS016-5A Beveled edges 45°

The little knowledge

Methods of short – term preservation of specimens

1. Complete blood count (excluding classification) using EDTA anticoagulant blood can be stored at room temperature for 24h. Classification counting and smear should be completed within 5h after specimen collection. If a blood cell analyzer is used to classify blood cells, the specimen should not be stored for more than 8 hours, depending on the analysis system used.

2. Platelet citrate anticoagulant plasma used for APTT and PT can be stored at room temperature for 8h, coagulation factor activity should be measured within 3h, and plasma must always be stored at 4 ~ 8℃.

3. Serum or heparin anticoagulant plasma for the detection of enzymes or substrates can be stored at 4-8 ℃ for a week, except for LD and ACP, because LD activity is not stable to cold, ACP is only stable in acidic conditions, with the exception of TG, because endogenous lipase can decompose TG into glycerol.

4. Plasma proteins: including immunoglobulin and specific antibodies, can be stored at 4 ~ 8℃ for a week. If it does not exceed 25℃, ordinary mail of the specimen is acceptable.


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