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Sharp container/needle container /wastebin

Product Highlights

Item NO Specification Quantity(pcs) Measurement(cm)
GDC-01-F sharp container with flip cover  yellow , with  label 60 55*29*36.5
GDC-03-F sharp container with flip cover  yellow , with  label 48 63.5*39*42
GDC-03-X sharp container with revolving cap  yellow , with  label 48 63.5*39*42
GDC-05-F sharp container with flip cover  yellow , with  label 32 69*43*36
GDC-05-X sharp container with revolving cap  yellow , with  label 32 69*43*36
GDC-07-F sharp container with flip cover  yellow , with  label 24 51*49*42
GDC-07-X sharp container with revolving cap  yellow , with label 24 51*49*42
GDC-013-X sharp container with revolving cap  yellow , with  label 20 77*52*31



Packaging Details


1)A leak proof and puncture resistant polypropylene container is designed to Collect, store and dispose of medical needle

2)It has a unique and permanently locking snap-top lid which seals the Container and prevents spilling of contents

3) It is easily stackable for storage in environments with limited space

4) It is specially designed according to the FDA standards for safe

Disposal of contaminated Needle

5) Safe to incinerate and environmentally friendly

6) Puncture and impact resistant

7) The translucent top helps prevent overfilling and injury

8) The secure final lock prevents re-opening

9) Needle removable notches at top

10) It is stackable, which minimizes storage and offers easy transport

11) Mountable also on rails, IV poles, beds and trolleys (mounting bracket Available).

12) Capability: 1L,3L,5L,7L,13L.


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