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Transfer-store box for vacuum blood collection tubes(cryo box)

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Gongdong medical is a professional manufacturer of vacuum blood collection tube.

GD Vacuum Blood Collection System include:

Vacuum blood collection tube:

1.Vacuum blood collection tube:

a.Serum blood collection tube (Red Plain Tube, Red Pro-coagulation Tube, Yellow Gel & Clot Activator Tube)

b.Plasma blood collection tube (Blue PT tube, Double wall PT tube, Green Heparin Tube, Green Gel & Heparin Tube, Grey Glucose tube, Lavender Gel & EDTA Tube)

c.Whole blood collection tube(Lavender EDTA Tube, Black ESR Tube,120*8mm ESR tube and ESR rack)

2.Micro Blood collection tube, Capillary blood collection tube, Non-vacuum blood collection tube

3.Multi sample needle, Butterfly needle

4.Normal tube holder, Tube holder with safety cover

5.Sharp container, Transfer-store box for vacuum blood collection tube.

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Transfer-store box for vacuum blood collection tube(cryo box)

Patent Transfer-store box for vacuum blood collection tube

100wells cryo box,fit for 13*75mm/13*100mm uncaped vacuum blood collection tube or test tube with blood samples inside.

Can store,transfer, and cryo the uncaped test tube with samples inside.

Can avoid sample pollute.


Packing:bulk packing,60 pieces/carton


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