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Types Of Microscope Slides

Product Highlights

Huida’s different types of microscope slides are produced from finest optical glass.
Chemically etched on 1 end, 2 sides. This provides silky frosted marking area which is easy to write on. Markings will not rub off or wash off in normal procedures


types of microscope slides

Dimension Thickness Packing
76*26mm,1″*3″mm,25*75mm 1.0mm,1.1mm 50pcs/box,72pcs/box
Frosted Microscope Slide–Double frosted
Code no. Edges Corner Material
7107 Groud edges 90°,45° soda lime glass
7107–1 Cut edges 90°
HDAS016-7 Beveled edges 45°
7107A Groud edges 90°,45° super white glass
7107–1A Cut edges 90°
HDAS016-7A Beveled edges 45°

Huida’s different types of microscope slides are made of high quality glass raw materials suitable for tissue pathology, hematology, cytology and microbiology conventional experiment, to detect sample adhesion did not demand, such as detecting blood or body fluids, frozen biopsy, the preparation of biological samples, etc.


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