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Vacuum blood collection tube( heparin lithium tube)

Product Highlights

Item No. Specification Quantity(Pcs) Measurement(cm)
GD030LH Green cap,Heparin Lithium,13×75mm,3ml 1200 45*36*19
GD050LH Green cap,Heparin Lithium,13×75mm,5ml 1200 45*36*19
GD040SH Green cap,Heparin Sodium,13×75mm,5ml 1200 45*36*19
GD060SH Green cap,Heparin Sodium,13×100mm,6ml 1200 45*36*24
GD0100LHR Heparin Lithium with stopper,16×100mm,10ml 1200 51×40×24
GD0100LH Green cap,Heparin Lithium,16×100mm,10ml 1200 51*40*24
GD0100LHG Green cap,Heparin Lithium+Gel,16×100mm,10ml 1200 51×40×24



Heparin Tube aims to obtain plasma specimen, which is used not only for emergency biochemistry tests but also for blood rheology test. Inside the tube wall, where is well sprayed with lithium heparin or sodium heparin which is a kind of anticoagulant activating antithrombins to block the coagulation cascade reaction.

Gel & Heparin Tube is a kind of anticoagulation tube, aims to obtain high quality plasma specimen for fast emergency biochemistry test. Lying at the bottom of the tube, there is some gel for separating plasma and blood cells, preventing substance from exchanging and keeping the obtained plasma from being blood cell polluted, thus the accuracy of the results will be improved. Otherwise, the specimen could be put into the equipment directly without transferring and kept stable in cold storage for 72hs, so that well meets the quality requirement of retest.



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