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Vacuum blood tube, black cap, ESR, 8*120mm,1.6ml/1.28ml

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Item No Specification Quantity(pcs) Measurement(cm)
GD016ESR Vacuum blood tube, black cap, ESR, 8*120mm,1.6ml,Glass 1200 47*37*28
GD0128ESR Vacuum blood tube, black cap, ESR, 8*120mm,1.28ml,Glass 1200 47*37*28
H1020 10 35*23*20


ESR tube rack

condition. within 6 hours to finish the testing lab temperature 8 to 25


1 put the ESR detector on the level place

2 using the ESR tube to collect the blood and mixing well

3 put the tube upright on the ESR detector

the tube blue graduation line frush with rack top

4 wait 60 mins then read the data taht the level of blood go down

ESR plastic tube rack

Advantage Gongdong ESR detector have a particular organic glass structure that make the  ESR tubes fixed fast and simply,promise it the perpendicular degree of the level direction and can conveniently adjust the horizon of ESR tubes samples.


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